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My Background

I've loved taking pictures since I was a kid.  I never had a "good" or expensive camera though until I was grown and could afford one.  From my technical and electronics fit my "problem solving" nature.  I'm always trying to get my photos to show the correct "mood," angle and have the right lighting for the story I'm trying to visually tell.  When it comes to WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY.....I love romance.  I've been married for almost 18yrs now myself!  I enjoy seeing two people come together to launch their lives together.  Being a part of such a special day is amazing.  I take the responsibility very seriously and will prepare and produce wonderful images for you and your family to enjoy for a lifetime.

Interesting facts about me? 

  • US Army Veteran - served 6.5 yrs
  • I have 5 kids
  • Favorite Team - NY Giants
  • I can play the Bass Guitar
  • Originally from South Jersey

Your wedding STORY

We shoot a photojournalistic style mixed with a bit of traditional posed photos.  Meaning we will capture your wedding day "as it happens" but will also pose many standard photos as well.  This will allow you to get a mix of awesome images and get photos that you didn't know we were capturing.

How much?  This is usually a question by most couples.  You have a budget and you are trying to stick to it.  What I will say here important is CHEAP to you?  Most people don't shop for the cheapest of anything.  If you are looking for the cheapest photography around then we are NOT your photographer.  If you appreciate great quality images and want something special to hang on your walls or an awesome wedding album then please consider us.  We are affordable.  ;o)

Enjoy your wedding - we've got your images handled

Dance, laugh, kiss, hug friends, be silly.....we will capture those moments for you!  All of our weddings come with TWO photographers so we will be shooting from multiple angles capturing everything for you.  Not only will we capture great images of you, your family and guests....but we will also pay attention to all the DETAILS: flowers, table settings, name cards, signage, jewelry and any other detail you've carefully chosen for this day.  

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